Still got it Title.png

Tune up your guitars, mandolins, and fiddles!

Practice your magic and put on your dancing shoes!

Get off that couch!! It's Showtime!!

We are calling all talent back to the stage!!


Still Got It is looking for talent of limitless age!!

We know that there are talented people in

their later years, who've "STILL GOT IT"

and we would LOVE to see it!!

Our show provides performance opportunities for those who wish to get back out there and entertain!

Still Got It recognizes that even though we grow older, we still have a desire to perform, and that YOU still have a lot of greatness to share with others! Bring your unique act, your funny bit, or your jaw-dropping talent! The audience is gong to love you!


To have even more fun with it all,

we are hosting open mic performance parties,

where everyone has an opportunity to perform and break out into audience participation and


This is more fun than you can imagine!

It's time to make new friends and

have a genuine great time!

We are so pleased that

"The Famous Baldknobbers Theatre"

in Branson, Missouri, is providing their venue

for Still Got It performers to display their talent!

Beginning February 2020, we will have the opportunity to showcase as pre-show

entertainment, and then once a month

Still Got It will produce a full Variety Show on

the beautiful Baldknobbers stage!

Anyone who wishes to participate can

Contact Us at

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for Announcements!